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Trade or Industrial Secrets


Non Disclosure Agreements

“NDAs” (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

We review and draft contracts of trade secrets (in Mexico referred to as "industrial or commercial" secrets); as an indispensable tool for the successful completion of business models that require this special type of protection.

Non Disclosure Agreements

What is an industrial secret?

"Any industrially or commercially applicable information which a natural or legal person keeps and which is confidential in nature and associated with securing or retaining a competitive or economic advantage over third parties in the conduct of economic activities, and regarding which said natural or legal person has adopted sufficient means or systems to preserve its confidentiality and restrict access thereto, shall be considered a trade secret" (LPI).

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Frequent examples of trade/industrial secrets

Frequent examples of trade/industrial secrets are the confidentiality agreements used to implement architectural projects under a "know-how" (technical information generally unknown in the state of the art), or in non-disclosure agreements signed to have restricted access to the "testing" (proof of study) of new products before their mass commercialization.

Clauses in contracts

and agreements otherwise employed for the design and production of content

They can also act as single clauses in contracts and agreements otherwise employed for the design and production of content whose disclosure could be highly detrimental to the company and/or the inventor; with diverse potential harmful effects, such as the destruction of novelty of an invention (in the "prior art"), or the unintentional disclosure of a literary and artistic work.

In all these cases the employee or collaborator is committed to prevent the disclosure to third parties of the specific information protected under trade secrecy.

We supervise the drafting and subscription of this type of confidentiality agreements under itrade secrets, and adjust them to the specifications of our clients.