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Digital Marketing & Branding


Digital Marketing & Branding

We have successfully entered into the field of Digital Marketing and "Branding", being able to integrate digital marketing experts with lawyers specializing in Intellectual (and Industrial).

Marketing y Branding

We work with lawyers and marketers

To offer security and efficiency to companies in the digital promotion of their products or services, making exhaustive use of all digital means at their disposal, without the "informal" risks that too often we have found find in this field.

We also review legal issues of domain names (names of the web addresses on the Internet). This teamworking also facilitates immediate and proactive responses that make possible the offering of really creative and immediate proposals to promote brands in all digital media; without prejudice to the supervised intellectual property. We offer a basic brand package, web optimization, setting up directories, social networks and promotional campaigns aligned with the brand, to reach a well-defined audience in order to produce digital conversions.

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We Design your campaigns

At the customer's choice, we can complete the digital campaigns with periodical registrations of the audiovisual and/or artistic designs that will eventually be used, to ensure their intellectual property in favor of the contractor ("for hire"). On ocassion, it might also be feasible to obtain a Reservation of Rights to the Exclusive Use of Advertising Promotions that grants an exclusivity of five years on the name and novel characteristics of operation of a promotion.