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Reservation of Rights to the Exclusive Use


In addition to regulating and protecting the copyright of the creators of literary and artistic works, and related rights; the Mexican Copyright Law also regulates a figure that grants legal protection under the "Reservation of Rights to the Exclusive Use".

Obtain the rights reservation to exclusive use in Mexico

At Vadillo & King we help you achieve the protection of the reservation of rights to the exclusive use in Mexico , in any of the following categories:

  • Titles of periodical publications, published in successive parts with varied contents and expected to continue indefinitely (such as the names of newspapers, directories, brochures, supplements, gazettes, guides, magazines, columns, bulletins, catalogs; for example: "Consumer magazine",... etc.);
  • Titles of periodical issues, distributed in successive parts with varied contents and capable of being transmitted (such as the names of television programs, radio programs and stations, sections within television and radio programs, and headlines of periodical web pages);
  • Names, physical and psychological distinctive characterization of typical real-life human, fictional or symbolic characters;
  • Names or designations of persons or groups dedicated to artistic activities;
  • Names and original operation characteristics of promotional advertising; incorporating a novel, unprotected device, whereby a product or service is promoted and offered with the additional incentive to the general public, having the option of acquiring another product or service on better terms than those generally offered in the market; merely visual and/or audio advertisements are excluded from the foregoing.