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Patents, Utility Patents & Design Patents.

“NDAs” (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

Protecting the results of innovation through the patent of inventions or the registration of a utility patent is the optimal way to make your investment profitable, becoming an intangible asset of great value and prestige for your company.


The patent of an invention in Mexico

It is a process that requires a very precise description of the novelty of the invention, and therefore requires the attention of a patent specialized agency in such processing.

It's very important to examine those aspects of the invention or innovation that do not conform to the requirements of an invention patent, but that could obtain protection through other forms of industrial property; such as utility registration model, or the registration of an industrial design (including industrial drawings and models).

From Vadillo & King we offer a comprehensive advice and permanent dialogue, helping our clients to choose the best protection strategy for their inventions anywhere in the world.

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Requirements to apply for registration

To apply for the patent of an invention; the registration of a utility patent; or the registration of a design patent, the following information and documentation is necessary:

  1. General information about the inventor or designer (name, nationality, address);
  2. General information about the owner of the invention, utility patent or design patent;
  3. Document of Assignment of Rights when the inventor is not the owner of the invention;
  4. Name, description, claims and summary of the invention or design;
  5. Figures or drawings;
  6. Date and documents that demonstrate prior disclosure, if applicable;
  7. Priority data, if applicable;
  8. Power of attorney document when processed through an agent.

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