At Vadillo & King we help our clients to define strategies against possible infractions, such as unauthorized exploitation or overreaching in the exploitation of licensed content, with respect to original creations in some of the following categories:

- Literary works (including any type of original writing, either narrative o scientific);

- Musical works, with or without lyrics;
- Dramatic works (including theatrical works);
- Dances;
- Pictorial works or drawings;
- Sculptures and works of three-dimensional art (including plastic arts);
- Caricature and short stories;
- Architectural works (including plans, sketches, and the design of architectural interiors);
- Cinematographic and other audiovisual works;
- Radio and television programs;
- Computer programs (also known as software);
- Photographic works;
- Works of applied art (including works of graphic or textile design), and
- Works of compilation, consisting of collections of works such as encyclopedias, anthologies and works or other elements like databases, provided that the said collections constitute intellectual creations by reason of the selection or arrangement of their contents or subject matter.

As well as other original/creative works which, by analogy, may be considered literary or artistic works; and shall be included in the category that most closely corresponds to their nature under copyright protection.

We have the necessary experience to complete the official registration before the Public Registry of Copyright under the Mexican Copyright Office (INDAUTOR); as well as to make private registrations, to provide a very quick and useful digital stamp on such works. Among the original works that we frequently register are web pages and commercial catalogs.

Copyright for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

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